Application Businesses increasingly rely on information systems for their mission-critical processes, whether internal to the organization or as a means of interaction with external partners and customers. As a result, the integrity of these systems, and their ability to provide consistent service and business continuity are crucial. Unexpected disasters, server outages, platform migration, and outdated information are threats that must be addressed, since every minute of lost availability or compromised information integrity translates directly to unrecoverable revenue, and interruptions in information flow may take a serious toll on the very heart of your business.

Business Continuity over the WAN

XOsoft, a leading provider of continuous application availability solutions, has developed WANSync, the definitive, WAN-based business continuity platform. Our solution provides companies with continuous business data flow, and ensures seamless integrity, reliability and redundancy of business-critical information resources. WANSync comprises a comprehensive suite of general-purpose synchronization and real-time replication solutions, including:

  • WANSync Server – for increased protection for file and application servers of any type.

A set of dedicated WANSync solutions provide specific application servers with complete availability assurance.
These solutions include:

  •  WANSync Exchange – the definitive WAN-based integrity and availability platform for Microsoft Exchange.
  •  WANSync SQL – the most comprehensive WAN-based disaster recovery platform for Microsoft SQL databases.
  • WANSync Oracle – the unrivaled WAN-based disaster recovery platform for Oracle databases.


Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

WANSync provides continuous data protection against both inadvertent and malicious data corruption. A comprehensive undo capability based on XOsoft’s pioneering data rewind technology allows system administrators to instantly roll back damaged data resources to a previous, valid state. Regardless of the type and severity of the challenge your information infrastructure may face, WANSync allows you to Just KeepWorking.


Key Benefits and Features

A Global, High Performance Solution

WANSync provides protection either locally or over the WAN. Maintaining a backup server at a remote location
secures your information, as high speed, incremental data updates are performed over the WAN in real time as
changes occur on the production server.

Comprehensive Replication

WANSync is the only integrated solution that replicates not only files, but also databases and entire applications. Recovering from failure is effortless and practically immediate. Entire databases, along with open files and system settings are synchronized, ensuring that every bit of information, up to the moment catastrophe strikes, is backed
up and ready to serve again.

Cost Effectiveness

WANSync is a true cross-platform solution, and avoids costly infrastructure investments by allowing you to work with your choice of hardware and software. WANSync is bandwidth efficient to provide you with complete information integrity. Real-time and scheduled replication transfer only content that has changed, and optimized compression minimizes bandwidth requirements.