Distributed 24/7 Network Analyzer and Monitor

Building on WildPackets’ award-winning network analysis technology, OmniEngine performs real-time network analysis on traffic from one or more network interfaces, including Ethernet, 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and WAN. OmniEngine captures and analyzes data in real-time, and records data for post-capture analysis. With WildPackets OmniEngines, network engineers can rapidly troubleshoot faults – even faults occurring at remote locations – without leaving their office.

OmniEngine runs as a service on standard Windows platforms as well as on WildPackets’ network recorder, Omnipliance, which is available in both Windows and Linux configurations. By installing an OmniEngine in each business location, a network engineering team gains real-time visibility into all its remote networks. Enterprises that cannot afford to staff each office with a network engineer can use OmniEngine to ensure that every business location receives the network engineering support it needs.

  • OmniEngine provides comprehensive network service analytics, including:
  • Application layer expert diagnoses, Apdex user satisfaction scores, and application response time (ART) analysis
  • Expert Systems Diagnoses, including streams-based packet analysis and correlations between events and conversations
  • Statistical Analysis, including packet flows and details about nodes, protocols, and sub-protocols
  • Packet Analysis, including protocol decodes and descriptions of physical errors
  • VoIP Media analysis, including MOS and R-Factor scores, as well as Expert analysis for leading VoIP solutions such as Avaya, Cisco, and Megaco
  • Infrastructure Monitoring, including 24 x7 monitoring and analysis of network traffic; when network problems occur, OmniEngine executes SNMP traps, notifying SNMP monitoring systems such as HP OpenView of potential problems; because it captures the traffic that generated the error, OmniEngine provides network engineers the detailed information they need in order to investigate and resolve problems

While other packet analysis products offer only simplistic threshold-based alarms, OmniEngine offers a wealth of information and features that network engineers can use to rapidly troubleshoot faults.

When running on an Omnipliance, OmniEngine can capture and store hours or even days of network traffic for forensic analysis.