Portable Network Analyzer and OmniEngine Consoles

Serving a dual role as both a portable network analysis solution and as a software console for OmniEngines, OmniPeek offers an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface that engineers can use to rapidly analyze and troubleshoot enterprise networks. OmniPeek provides centralized expert analysis for all networks under management. With OmniPeek, Enterprise IT professionals can also analyze local segments on a portable basis. Using OmniPeek’s intuitive user interface and “top-down” approach to visualizing network conditions, network engineers – even junior staff – can quickly analyze faults from multiple network segments, drill down through multiple layers of analysis, and pinpoint problems that need correction.

Using OmniPeek, network engineers can:

  • Analyze traffic from any local network segment, including 10GbE, Gigabit and WAN segments, as well as any network segment configured with OmniEngine
  • Analyze and troubleshoot both data and media traffic using one single product
    Not only view the high-level network traffic via “Dashboard”, but also drill down to see which nodes are communicating, which protocols and sub-protocols are being transmitted, and which traffic characteristics are affecting network performance
  • Change filters on the fly without having to stop and restart packet captures
  • View packet-stream based analytics by conversation pair, instantly locating network events
  • View local captures, remote captures, or a combination of local and remote captures
  • View network traffic in its intended form like PDF, HTML pages, Email, IM, etc.

Unique Flexibility

Of all standalone network analysis products available today, only OmniPeek enables network engineers to monitor multiple parts of the network simultaneously – an important capability when engineers know there’s a problem but don’t know where it is.

Visual Expert

The Visual Expert answers the question “Who’s talking to who?” by providing comprehensive visual data about network, media and application traffic, along with expert diagnoses of common and not-so-common network problems. The Visual Expert makes it easier to understand what’s happening on the network and how to remedy problems by providing a “top-down” view of network activity.

Visual Expert includes Packet Visualizer, payload reconstruction, a wide range of conversation-oriented graphs, optimization tuning by playing “What If” with key network parameters, packet by packet comparison between multiple saved capture files – very useful in comparing the traffic from the wireless and wired side of an access point, and a detailed summary pane.

Expert Analysis

OmniPeek displays Expert System diagnoses by conversation pair, so you can instantly identify where problems are occurring on the network.

Network Coverage

With the Ethernet, full-duplex Gigabit, 10GbE, WAN, and Wireless capabilities, you can now effectively monitor and troubleshoot services running on your entire network. Using the same solution for troubleshooting wired and wireless networks reduces the total cost of ownership, including training expenses.

Media Analysis

Media (voice and video over IP) creates unique challenges for traditional data networks. Packets sizes for media are significantly different from those of data transfers, and sensitivity to timing (or latency) is critical for media packets while not typically so for data. Though the network demands between media and data are so different, they both rely on the same network using the same equipment and network settings, so deploying and maintaining a successful Voice and Video over IP implementation requires the ability to analyze and troubleshoot both the media traffic and the network the media traffic is running on. OmniPeek provides in-depth analysis and troubleshooting of both network and media traffic in a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple analysis tools. With a glance, users can see the voice and/or video quality for each stream being transmitted, and can be notified when performance drops below a certain level. In cases of poor performance, network engineers can use the same analyzer to drill down and analyze the exact cause of the problem.

On-the-Fly Filters

You shouldn’t have to stop your analysis to change what you’re looking at it. OmniPeek enables you to create filters and apply them immediately. The WildPackets “select related” feature selects the packets relevant to a particular node, protocol, conversation, or expert diagnosis, with a simple right click of the mouse. Features like this significantly reduce time needed to find and fix problems. Similar operations often take a dozen or more steps in other analyzers.

Global Real-Time Troubleshooting

OmniPeek extends real-time troubleshooting to network segments around the world, delivering expert network analysis, detailed node, protocol, and network summary statistics, and even packet decoding, on multiple segments, by multiple users, in real time. From one application, a network engineer can cost-effectively troubleshoot locally or connect to OmniEngine Expert analysis or other applications running on OmniEngines down the hall, across the country, or around the globe.

Top-Down View

OmniPeek provides a high-level view of network traffic using its comprehensive Dashboard view. Dashboards display important data that every network engineer needs to know about the network without spending lots of time analyzing the captured data.

With OmniPeek, you can also drill down and see which nodes your top talkers are talking to. Click again and see what protocols and sub protocols are in use. IT staff of all levels of technical ability, or even executives can view this information instantly, anywhere on the network.