Distributed Network Recorder

The WildPackets Omnipliance is a turn-key hardware and software solution that gives network engineers unprecedented, real-time and post-capture visibility into remote network segments. Each Omnipliance network appliance runs WildPackets’ OmniEngine and sends real-time analytics and monitoring results to a central OmniPeek console. The Omnipliance is an ideal data recorder for network forensics applications, such as incident response operations and policy compliance investigations.

The Omnipliance is designed for rapid, convenient deployment. The system can be installed, configured, and online in under an hour. An LCD and keypad on the front panel enable network engineers to enter configuration information such as IP addresses without the use of a keyboard or monitor.

The Omnipliance is available in two OS configurations:

  • The Omnipliance Windows comes with OmniEngine Enterprise software and the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server already configured.
  • The Omnipliance Linux comes with OmniEngine Linux and the Red Hat Enterprise ES v4.0 already configured.

The Omnipliance makes it easy for organizations to deploy WildPackets’ OmniPeek Product Family at every network location in an enterprise. By installing Omnipliances in data centers and wiring closets, network engineers gain immediate real-time visibility into local and remote network segments – without any lengthy or costly network reconfigurations or upgrades.

Omnipliance Configurations

The Omnipliance 2t and Omnipliance 6t are 3U appliances built specifically for distributed capture and analysis.

Built-in Network Adapters

The Omnipliance ships with two built-in network adapters: Two Gigabit Ethernet NICs. These adapters are available for packet capture and analysis or can be used as dedicated management ports.


10 Gigabit Analyzer Cards

WildPackets’ 10 Gigabit Analyzer card is a high performance one-port adapter that has been optimized for monitoring and inspecting traffic on 10 Gigabit Ethernet network. One port 10G Analyzer Card – available with 1x850nm MFF XFP or; 1x1310nm SMF XFP optical transceivers with LC connectors.

  • DAG 5.2X: one port, PCI-X 10G Analyzer Card
  • DAG8.2X: one-port, PCI Express 10G Analyzer Card

Gigabit Analyzer Card (GAC)

The GAC is a PCI-X card that supports up to 2 full-duplex or 4 half-duplex connections. Taking advantage of a PCI-X bus that clocks up to 133 MHz, the GAC provides high-performance connectivity for monitoring and troubleshooting Gigabit networks.

GAC can be figured during manufacturing to support multiple configurations of SX, LX, ZX or copper (Ethernet).

GAC is available in 4 different configurations:

  • XL-4: Consists of 4 ports SFP cages
  • XL-4T: Consists of 4 ports of RJ45 Ethernet
  • XL-2+2T: Consists of 2 RJ45 Ethernet and 2 SFP cages
  • DAG4.5G4: available with 1000Base-SX or 1000Base-LX Optical Ethernet or 1000Base-T

Ethernet using modular transceivers

  • Other Gigabit and 10G Network Adapters
  • Intel® Pro/1000 GT Quad Port Server Adapter.
  • Intel® PRO/10GbE CX4 Server Adapter: 64 bit PCI-X interface running up to 133 MHz with 10GbE-over-copper Connection.
  • Intel® PRO/10GbE SR Server Adapter: 64 bit PCI-X interface running up to 133 MHz with 10 Gigabit Multi-mode Fiber Server Connection.
  • Intel® PRO/10GbE LR Server Adapter: 64 bit PCI-X interface running up to 133 MHz with 10 Gigabit Single-mode Fiber Server Connection.