Dynatrace APM Real User Monitoring for Web and Mobile Apps provides precise and actionable end-user experience insight for all users, browsers and devices. Only Dynatrace captures and tracks every single user interaction for web and native mobile applications, with the ability to replay transactions and drill down to the root cause of performance problems, errors, or crashes. Gain full visibility into the significant portion of application code that now runs inside the browser and truly understand client-side performance issues. Proprietary smart analytics offer rapid insight into how performance is impacting customer satisfaction, conversions, and revenue, by region, browser and device.

Measure The Business Impact of Application Performance

Poor web performance has a negative impact on brand and leads to lost sales. Research shows that abandonment rates increase by up to 50% when response times slow by 2 seconds. With Dynatrace APM Real User Monitoring you can visualize the impact of slow performance on site-usage or revenue flow, minute by minute, real-time, in production.

Master Native Mobile App Performance

The only iOS and Android based monitoring solution that combines crash diagnostics, performance and business analytics for native mobile apps. Monitors performance directly from the mobile device, capturing characteristics such as signal strength, battery charge, carrier, and memory status. Track application usage, performance, availability, business level information, and detects crashes within a unified solution.

Interactive Maps for Informed Decisions

Visualize every click and page view for all users. Know if customers are happy, tolerating or frustrated with their experience. Use this information to prioritize your tuning efforts to locations that provide highest returns.

Tame Web 2.0/AJAX Complexity

Most applications today run portions of the app inside the browser. Many page actions never trigger web tier traffic, and AJAX adds complexity to browser-server communication. Master the complexities introduced in the browser by AJAX and Web 2.0 with the industry’s deepest built-in client-side app analysis technology.

Resolve App Performance Issues Fast

Measure app performance 24×7 to capture all slow-downs and failures. Maximize app availability through automatic alerts that pinpoint root cause down to the line-of-application code or infrastructure hotspot responsible for app crashes and stalls before users become frustrated and complain.

Smart Analytics Provide Deep App Insight

Smart Analytics link app performance to business outcomes. Know which visitors convert into customers and which abandon transactions. Analyze performance by client type, browser version, device and bandwidth and drill into object level details.