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Symantec (CA – Broadcom) Identity Security 

Businesses are driven by the need to launch new applications and services quickly in order to connect their customers and employees to their services anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. But in order to protect your business, you need to provide secure access to authorized resources, prevent accidental data leakage, guard against misuse of credentials and accounts, and protect user privacy. Symantec (CA – Broadcom) Identity Security mitigates these security risks by enforcing granular security policies to stop unauthorized access to sensitive resources and data while providing seamless access to trusted users.

Our solutions

By establishing a strong identity management infrastructure, Symantec Identity Manager enables your organization to:

  • prevent non-compliant provisioning activities before they happen
  • eliminate guesswork from providing access to users based on their roles
  • enable user-based access requests and approvals without involving the help desk
  • provide employees, contractors and partners with access to the apps they need on the day they start
  • adjust the identity management infrastructure easily whenever business processes change


Symantec Identity Manager contains a comprehensive set of features for managing identities and access rights, and meeting identity compliance requirements.

User Provisioning & De-provisioning.

Automates account provisioning, removal and approval processes throughout the user’s lifecycle: from on-boarding to fine-grained entitlement management to role changes and ultimately to off-boarding. Customizable workflows support the unique way each organization approves, alerts and schedules these activities.

User Self-Service .

Enables users to manage attributes of their own identities, easing the burden on IT or the help desk and empowering the business to make identity-related decisions. Users can reset passwords, request access to resources according to customer-defined approval workflows and manage both profile and security information.

Centralized Control of Users , Roles and Policies

Aggregates and synchronizes information across multiple identity silos to manage user attributes, identity tasks and roles in accordance with central security controls. Symantec Identity Manager provides an out-of-the-box interface which can be customized to the look, feel and function needed by each organization or user.

Customization without Custom Code

Out-of-the-box integration with leading target systems —combined with powerful features such as Policy Xpress, Connector Xpress, a graphical workflow editor and more — lets you customize your identity management infrastructure to your unique business requirements without writing, managing and supporting custom code.

Smart Provisioning

Use the power of Role & Compliance Manager’s advanced analytics to establish preventative compliance capabilities that can stop policy violations (such as segregation of duties) before they are created, enable out-of-pattern alerts to identify access requests that deviate from standard patterns and generate suggested roles to help narrow the search for access that is appropriate for a specific user.

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