Nexusguard – Simplifying 360° DDoS Protection

Simplifying DDoS for Communications Service Providers

Nexusguard boasts a one-stop DDoS protection platform that consists of Application Protection (AP), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Origin Protection (OP), InfraProtect and DNS Protection (DP), to defend public-facing websites, applications, APIs, infrastructure, backends and DNS servers against DDoS attacks of all types and complexities.

In addition, as data security becomes a major concern, our protection services provide strong data security measures that comply with restrictive local data management policies. 

All configurations are user-friendly and flexible, based on the scale and scope of your network services you need to cover.

Nexusguard Managed DDoS Protection Platform

Purpose-built for CSP partners, the Nexusguard Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform is a powerful, versatile “cloud-in-a-box” deployment that seamlessly integrates Nexusguard’s proprietary technologies and global cloud scrubbing into a modular chassis built into the CSP’s environment.

Fully & Centrally Managed Platform

Nexusguard SOC is managed 24X7 so that rule-set updates, upgrades and patches are delivered at all time to address the urgent needs of security.

Store & Process Data Locally

This box manages and processes data locally in a way that addresses performance, data sovereignty and compliance requirements.

Nexusguard 3-Pillar Cybersecurity Platform

  • Application Protection
    Application Protection (AP) offers multi-layered L3/4 and L7 protection against attacks on public-facing websites, applications, APIs, and so forth, thereby keeping your business online during an attack with minimal impact to users.
  • Origin Protection
    Available as an on-demand, managed solution, Nexusguard’s Origin Protection is designed to protect mission-critical services across large networks, especially those managing hundreds of Class C networks or even a Class B network, from L3/4 and L7 attacks. 
  • DNS Protection
    DNS Protection (DP) protects mission-critical services from DNS attacks, leveraging Nexusguard’s globally distributed DNS infrastructure to mitigate DNS-based DDoS attacks while responding to legitimate user requests.
ืnexusguard 3-Pillar Cybersecurity Platform