Rundeck Enterprise: The Platform for Self-Service Operations

What is Rundeck?

Rundeck is a self-service platform for IT Operations — the unsung heroes of modern business. Rundeck is built to let operations run more efficiently, scale faster, and maintain security. Rundeck is transforming the way Operations runs. Our customers report a significant reductions in interruptions, faster incident response times, and improved visibility into Ops activities.

Rundeck modernizes Operations by allowing a broader number of people — even those outside of traditional Operations boundaries— to have secure and safe self-service access to Operations tasks. Rundeck works with any of your existing tools and scripts, so there is a minimal learning curve. To maximize your Rundeck investment, both Enterprise and Enterprise Platinum include onboarding, ongoing support, and training.

Rundeck Enterprise

The Enterprise Advantage: Exclusive features and services

High Availability and Enterprise Management

Essential capabilities to manage and scale
Rundeck as an enterprise service.

  • Holistic view of Rundeck landscape
  • Manage schedule takeover and prevent downtime
  • Policy management

Access Rule Builders

  • Improved management of access control
  • Rules builder to assist in creating/editing
    ACL policy files.
  • Validation and evaluation tools

Customizable Dashboard

One-stop visibility into your Rundeck ops.

  • Summary views of projects and jobs
  • Forecast of upcoming jobs
  • Identify trends and notable activity

Advanced workflow with Real Time Visualization

See Rundeck in a new way

  • Visualize workflow definition and execution
  • Conditionally determine when to run/skip steps
    Fork/Join branching for sequential execution


Pro Plug-ins

Fully-supported plugins make it easy to add new functionality:

  • Supported community plugins: the best plugins from
    the Rundeck community, supported by Rundeck
  • Enterprise-exclusive plugins: plugins created and
    supported exclusively for Rundeck Enterprise customers


Professional support and training

From architecture and usage advice to troubleshooting, Rundeck
has you covered.

  • Onboarding: Kick off your Rundeck experience with our
    expert guidance
  • Training: Help your team hone their Rundeck skills
  • Support: Unlimited professional support from the Rundeck
  • Quarterly Health Checks: Get our expert review of your

Get Rundeck Enterprise

Rundeck Enterprise and Enterprise Platinum are offered as an annual subscription bundle that includes software and support services.
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