Automic Automation (UC4)

Enterprises need to automate a complex and diverse landscape of applications, platforms and technologies to deliver services in a competitive digital business environment. Automic Automation (UC4) – Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms are essential to scale your IT operations and derive greater value from automation:

  • You have to manage complex workflows across platforms, ERP systems, business apps from mainframe to microservices and multi-cloud.
  • You need to streamline your big data pipelines, enabling self-services for data scientists while providing massive scale and strong governance on data flows.
  • You’re required to deliver compute, network and storage resources on-prem and in the cloud for development and business users.

Automic Automation gives you the agility, speed and reliability required for effective digital business automation. From a single unified platform, Automic centrally provides the orchestration and automation capabilities needed accelerate your digital transformation and support the growth of your company.

CA Automic Automation

Key Features

Manage complex workloads from microservices to the mainframe with Automic Automation

  • Single point of automation across mainframe, distributed and cloud platforms
  • Prebuilt interfaces to applications that range from ERP systems, to business intelligence, and big data
  • Marketplace of add-ons and templates to extend the reach of automation and solve more business challenges
  • Comprehensive auditing and control of all automated processing and user activity keeping processes in compliance with company regulations

Simplify deployment of business services across multi-clouds.

  • Orchestration of complex and hybrid workloads end-to-end across multi-clouds
  • Resource abstraction and reusable templates to manage infrastructure across cloud vendors
  • Infrastructure management with automatic provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Self-service deployment of IT and business services that integrates seamlessly with ITSM solutions

Accelerate the integration of big data and AI initiatives.

  • Integration with open-source tools, big data stores, and third-party schedulers
  • Self-service, visual workflows, and reusable building blocks make data actionable for data scientists
  • Managed file transfer integrates data flows with data processing and eliminates need for extra tools
  • Deployment of compute infrastructure, ML models, and code for advanced analytics

Increase visibility and control on Oracle E-Business Suite processing.

  • Single point of control for business processes, including non-standard Oracle concurrent requests
  • Child processes tracking for failure through the parent process
  • Output management such as data files and system output logs, to catch errors in Oracle E-Business Suite or any other application
  • Out of the box process templates to accelerate implementation