Dynatrace APM Application Monitoring combines deep transaction tracing and smart analytics with an end-user perspective to help you deliver faster applications, rapidly find and fix problems and accelerate time to market. Powered by patented PurePath and PureStack Technologies, Dynatrace APM is built for the most demanding production environments – providing 24/7 visibility into transactions and infrastructure with zero sampling – all with less than 2% overhead. Auto-configuration, auto-discovery and auto-baselining make deployment as easy as 1,2,3. Purpose built for today’s modern Java, .NET, PHP, Big Data, Cloud and Mainframe applications.

Java, .NET and PHP

Dynatrace APM for Java, .NET and PHP is the smartest and fastest time-to-value APM solution available for today’s modern Java, .NET and PHP applications. Using dynaTrace PurePath and PureStack Technologies, Dynatrace APM captures timing and code-level context for all transactions, end-to-end, from user click, across all tiers, to the database and back. With this exact, deep atomic-level detail across 100% of transactions and infrastructure, Dynatrace APM enables the fastest path to root cause on the market 

Enterprise Tiers

Dynatrace APM for Enterprise Tiers provides deep transaction tracing through web server, IBM WebSphere Message Broker, MQ and C/C++ tiers to give you full insight into the heart of your business critical application. It automatically detects hotspots impacting application performance caused by chattiness across tiers and system issues. Full root-cause information down to the method level provides the fastest MTTR. Dynatrace APM uniquely connects all this insight back to the distributed Java, .NET and PHP environment on a single pane of glass, providing an unmatched view of your enterprise application.


Dynatrace APM for Mainframe provides unprecedented transaction visibility across distributed and mainframe applications. It’s the only continuous transaction-based application performance management solution that spans the mainframe, CICS gateways and distributed systems. With Dynatrace APM for Mainframe, problem root cause can instantly be isolated across distributed and mainframe tiers, reducing war rooms and radically accelerating problem resolution. It provides complete end-to-end mainframe application transaction visibility and enables MIPS savings through mainframe resource optimization.

Big Data and Cloud Applications

Unlike traditional APM tools that were built for yesterday’s applications, Dynatrace APM for Big Data and Cloud thrives in complex and dynamic environments. Tame Big Data and Cloud complexity with Dynatrace APM as it auto-discovers and auto-adapts its PurePath and PureStack instrumentation to provide you with the deepest visibility in big data and cloud application environments. Deploy your business critical NoSQL, MapReduce, public or private cloud applications with confidence. Modern APM for today’s modern applications.

Monitor the Complex With Ease

Dynatrace APM makes it easy to monitor and manage complex application environments by providing end-to-end visibility into your applications. Automated transaction flows identify all distributed application components, including PHP servers, JVMs and CLRs, their dependencies and the impact of latency — in real time, for all transactions, 24/7 and with no sampling.

Ensure Satisfied Customers

Dynatrace APM for Java, .NET and PHP combines real-user monitoring into one system to provide unmatched insight for maximizing your customers’ experiences. Built-in real-user monitoring provides dashboards that automatically create visualizations of the end-user experience worldwide. All visits, including click paths and page actions, are captured without manual configuration or code changes. Analyze your end-user experience and pinpoint the action or error causing an issue. Plus, gain business-relevant insight into conversions and revenue.

Know Before Complaints Arise

Dynatrace APM monitors all of your Java, .NET and PHP applications 24/7, so you address issues before they become problems. Behavior-based, self-learning baselines are highly accurate. With views of user experience and response times, you spot application and infrastructure errors and potential issues quickly. Because Dynatrace APM isolates and pinpoints root causes so quickly, you resolve issues before end users and management even know about them.