The Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solution
Simple, On-Demand Solution for Continuous Business Growth

Sangfor Hyper-Converged Infrastructure consolidates traditional hardware-appliance-based security, IP network, storage network, server and storage into one tier of commodity hardware (x86 server). The foundation of all these are Server Virtualization (aSV), Storage Virtualization (aSAN) and Network Virtualization (aNET), on top of that we have NFV (Network Function Virtualization) integration including all our network applications such as NGAF/IAM/WANO.

0 RPO & 99.99% Availability

  • Native HA
  • Integrated backup & CDP
  • Multi-copy data redundancy
  • Optimized for critical app

50% Higher IOPS than Peers

  • Data striping
  • SSD caching & tier-ing
  • Data locality AI-based
  • DB optimization

One IT Platform to Manage ALL

  • Fully converged
  • Unified management
  • Resource visualization
  • Automation & orchestration